Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Differences with underfloor heating

Speedheat prevents energy wastage because every room is heated fast and individually. The two graphs underneath illustrate the advantage of this Speedheat warming-up time in comparison with conventional in-slab underfloor heating. Speedheat heats only where you want it and when you want it while conventional underfloor heating must be left on the entire day. The slow response of the thermal mass of the heated floor slab does not allow for any thermostatic time / temperature control. In comparison, Speedheat is much more efficient.

* The blue line is the outside temperature
* The yellow line is the set-point temperature
* The brown line is the room temperature
* The green line is the floor temperature

Faster and smarter heating

Innovative Speedheat floor heating delivers faster and smarter heating. The Speedheat super-thin flexible heating element is available at various power densities per m². Speedheat can be applied directly on top of the floor underneath the floor finish. This way the electric energy is directly converted into heat since the floor slab does not have to be heated first.

Example energy cost and consumption

In a bathroom with a floor surface area of 4 m², a heating element of 500 Watt is required. The price for electricity is on average R 1.20/kWh. The first hour, this element uses the total power of 500W (R 0,60) to warm up the floor from 18 to 25 degrees. After that, the heating uses about 1/3 of its power to keep the temperature constant at 25 degrees (R 0.40/h) . The running costs for a situation as in the graph above, in which the heating is switched on for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, is R 1.56 per day.

* Note that this is an example calculation and external influences have not been considered.