Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Floor heating under tiles

Tile and stone are ideal types of flooring to use with an underfloor heating system. All are excellent heat conductors, do not expand and contract a lot with heat and are highly resistant to warping or cracking, making porcelain, ceramic, or stone tiles a good choice for floor covering over radiant heating.

The heating systems are 100% safe and waterproof. This makes Speedheat ultimately suitable for wet areas like bathrooms or kitchens.

Natural stone flooring types (marble, slate, travertine, limestone, sandstone, granite, onyx) turn comfortably warm with the radiant heating system, bringing you comfort without compromising your choice of flooring. This modern solution is durable, reliable and safe.

The below diagram shows a typical Speedheat under tile floor build-up with insulation (10mm KlimaBoard)

The heating element is installed on top of insulation boards or insulated screed, and secured with adhesive fibreglass mesh. A protective screed is then applied and the floor is subsequently tiled. 
It is important that some form of insulation be installed either on top of the builder's screed, or by using an insulating screed.  Insulation decreases downward heat flow into the concrete slab, thereby improving the response time and efficiency of your heating system.