Speedheat Underfloor Heating

Speedheat in the home of the future

Living Tomorrow is a meeting place in Brussels for innovative enterprises, where visitors are being introduced to products and services that will affect the quality of our homes, and that can improve our lifestyle in the near future.

Using water and energy sparingly plays an ever more important role in the future. Living Tomorrow is a strategic research organisation looking for innovative products, services and ideas to present in 'The home of the Future'.

RTL 4 transmitted a TV clip about Speedheat electric floor heating in the program Lifestyle Experience. The TV clip was recorded in 'The home of the future" in Vilvoorde near Brussels (Belgium). The home of the future exhibits the durable innovations of tomorrow. Franca from Speedheat Holland explains to Kevin and Anouk why Living Tomorrow selected Speedheat for her heating solutions.

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